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History lesson time: in 1696, William III of England (William of Orange) introduced a tax on windows in the UK that meant the more you had the more you had to pay. Subsequently, many homeowners were forced to have such fenestration filled in to avoid the expense. All of which lead to a problem only AccuWeather could resolve…


You see, the sudden and savage fall-out from the window tax was that the people of Britain could no longer see outside, and the extrapolation of that terrible if tenuous logic points to an almost unthinkable fact: UK residents could no longer tell what the weather was like; and for Brits that would have killed all conversation… But it wasn’t the tax itself that was the problem it was the overwhelming lack of technology – thanks to the 17th Century being a bit rubbish Android did not exist and, subsequently due to the plodding linear nature of time, neither did this: AccuWeather, an app so meteorologically obsessed that, windows or not, nobody need be unsure of current or coming conditions ever again! Like having the really good members of the Met Office at your beck and call, AccuWeather works closely with Google to deliver the most accurate updates available, along with GPS-based localisation, multi-location widgets, forecasts specifically tailored to the likes of health, travel or even DIY interests, radar covering North America and Europe, worldwide satellite overlaying Google Maps, current news and weather videos, and full 15 day forecasts to give you a complete picture of what’s around the corner. [Not a valid template]


Easily the most all-encompassing weather app around, forget windows, tax and, erm, oranges, this is the Brit’s best friend – whether the weather be fine or whether the weather be not, whether the weather be cold or whether the weather be hot, whatever the weather we’ll weather the weather, because AccuWeather’s got the lot.

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Current version: 3.0.1 Requires Android 2.2 and up Download the AccuWeather app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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  • yetanotheruser, 4th Mar 2013

    The Good

    the previous version

    The Bad

    everything they changed

    The Comments

    Far too clever and flashy, and utterly spoiled a great app that I used daily. I have uninstalled it.

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Become a master of all things meteorological with this awesomely accurate app...


the good

  • » Fast and accurate
  • » Fully customisable
  • » All encompassing info

the bad

  • » Bit of a battery drainer
  • » Update seems to have a few bugs
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