Recommended by a reader, we all need an extra boost to prise us from our pits on a Monday morning, so an Android clock that’s got the lot? Perfect timing…


For many years I loathed the sound of my smartphone’s generic alarm – a klaxon that would rip me from the arms of Morpheus in countless mystery hotel rooms as I plied my awful trade around the world. But had I been armed with this little alarm beauty, people may have suffered the brunt of my naked aggression over the breakfast table considerably less. Firstly, it’s undeniably good looking; and I always like to wake up to something good looking. Secondly, it’s absolutely feature-packed – there are unlimited alarms, the option to be woken by your own music, increasing volume, snooze options, repeat alarms, night clock, weather updates and, should you so wish, you can even post social media updates from it. All of which gives more alarm setting options than dreamt off. But then we come to the actual process of re-entering the waking world. Yes, you can press the Off button, yes you can shake your phone to dismiss the din, or – wait for it – you can even opt to solve puzzles to break your brain in right from the offset. [Not a valid template]


Smart, slick, and even more flexible than a Chinese State Circus contortionist, Alarm Clock Ultra is exactly that: ultra. With soothing sounds to help you slip into sleep and a world of options to wake up to, it may not be the most glamorous app proposition, but for anyone who’s ever overslept while away or spent the day in an absolute rage at the manner in which they were wrenched awake, this is an app essential.

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Current version: 1.2 Requires Android 2.1 and up Download the Alarm Clock Ultra app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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  • Richard Silvermann, 5th May 2012

    The Good

    All functions! Great package, for such a small money!

    The Bad

    Nothing is bad about this beautiful App.

    The Comments

    This is awesome App, such great package of endless functions, I love them all! Thank You Mr.Stuard for posting this on your web, thanks to that I found this gem! This App is the master piece in his own category.

  • Hardik Mashru, 1st May 2012

    The Good

    beautiful UI, beautiful widgets, weather updates, everything

    The Comments

    This is really a very nice app. It is more than just an Alarm clock. It is like package which has everything. I like this app very much.

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Ultimate alarm app for the waking world weary


the good

  • » Slick interface
  • » Countless options
  • » Feature rich

the bad

  • » Maths problems on waking hurt
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Alarm Clock Ultra

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