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Recipe apps are great tools to have on your Android at any time of the year, so you'd be a fool not to give Dinner Spinner Pro a download. Featuring over 40,000 recipes, all of which are searchable by ingredients, user rating and popularity, this app spoils you with cooking choice.

The Experience

First things first, Dinner Spinner Pro isn't just suitable for evening eating, breakfast and lunch are both included too. The idea is to generate a recipe by spinning three different wheels which correspond to meal type, key ingredient and cooking time categories. While a novel dinner selection tool at first, you'll quickly want to be a bit more specific in your searching than 'something with chicken in it'. Mercifully, Dinner Spinner Pro has no hesitation in dumping its titled concept with a simple tap of the search button. In its purest form, this Allrecipes offering allows you type exactly what you want into the app with added filters for vegan, low fat and several other recipes. Each recipe includes ingredients, cooking directions and a small photo but not much else. Because most recipes are user submitted, their ease of use can vary but we found the vast majority to be worth investing an evening in front of the stove on. To enjoy the icing on Dinner Spinner Pro's proverbial cake, you'll need to generate an account with the website itself but this means you can add ingredients to your shopping list so you won't forget the names of those missing herbs when trawling the supermarket aisles. So whether you spend an unholy amount of time in the kitchen or just want to impress your mates with some posh nosh, Dinner Spinner Pro does the job with a minimum of fuss. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

A ginormous recipe app with an easy to use search function. Additional Info Version reviewed 1.0.4 Requires Android 2.1 - 3.0 Download the Dinner Spinner Pro app from the Android Market. Check out more app reviews here.

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A ginormous recipe app with an easy to use search function


the good

  • » Plenty of recipes
  • » Search filters a nice touch
  • » Slick menus

the bad

  • » Dinner Spinner concept not the best
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Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Pro

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