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In a bit of a departure from our usual review material, there’s a deluge of dating apps available on Google Play, but few that are quite as specific as the, currently trending, AnastasiaDate – an online stepping-out site specifically for engaging the ladies of Eastern Europe. So, naturally, we were intrigued…


Life is busy. With the constant pressure of trying to thrive and survive in a collapsed economy, today we have to work longer hours than ever just to make ends meet. So when it comes to making a more-meaningful kind of meet with another, easy on the eye member of the human race, it can seem impossible to find the time; which is where online dating and mutual attracting apps can help. Obviously, ever since the advent of digital dating the murder rate has gone up a treat, but not everyone you meet via the medium of online media will be plotting a dreadful death for you, in fact the stats say that the majority of members of such sites are perfectly normal, nice people who, like you, slog so hard they’re stuck in singleton. And here they happen to be perfectly normal, nice female people from Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe. Laid out in a clear, clean format, all you have to do is sign in with your name and email address and you’re instantly presented with an online bevy of beauties waiting to chat, or you can run your own search by age, height, weight, hair and eye colour and a handful of more specific filters. Of course you’ll be required to buy credits to chat back, with the smallest amount in one transaction being 20 for £13.14, but with the ability to browse for free, save contacts and chat in real-time, if the attractive opposite sex of Eastern Europe appeal, go get ’em, tiger! [Not a valid template]


Naturally, you wonder if this is a scam, but with full and proper profiles, ample images and no requirement for roubles to just look around, it appears to be the genuine app article. And while we can’t promise you’ll find love, you may find something quite like it…

Additional information

Current version: 1.2.1 Requires Android 2.3 and up Download the AnastasiaDate app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

User reviews

  • anastasiadateLLC, 5th May 2013

    The Good

    The app lets you find love, romance, and companionship with charming and beautiful ladies of Ukraine, Russia, and Eastern Europe

    The Bad

    Nothing, the app works great and feedback has shown that our customers are genuinely pleased with it

    The Comments

    Steve 22 is mistaken on a variety of fronts. He is simply not educated about how our company works or what motivates our female members. Please let me clarify.

    Not only does our company not pay female members any commissions to communicate with our male members, in fact, it’s strictly forbidden for female members to accept any compensation whatsoever for communicating with male members. Furthermore, we have the best anti-scam policy in the international dating industry. And, if we ever find that any kind of scam is perpetrated, then we refund the customer’s money 100%. So, our customers are fully protected.

    Regarding the motivation of our female members, our many years of customer research continues to show that, consistently, the vast majority of our female members — just like our male members — are on our site to find a suitable life partner.

    Lastly, AnastasiaDate provides a communications platform and various services to allow our members to have an ease of communications in a manner and duration of their own choosing. We certainly do not encourage female or male members to prolong their communications unduly or unnaturally.

    Anthony Volpe
    Chief Marketing Officer

    • Stuart Pritchard, 5th May 2013

      The Comments

      Thank you for getting in touch. Would you care to explain and state your case?

  • Steve22, 2nd May 2013

    The Good

    Its well designed and looks legit

    The Bad

    its a scam

    The Comments

    The company pays female members commission on every minute spent communicating with men. This site is filled with women who are not genuinely interested in the men, but rather the financial gains offered by this company. These women purposely string men along with no intention of ever having a relationship with them. AnastasiaDate encourages this as the more time these women spend communicating with the men, the more money the company makes.

    • Stuart Pritchard, 3rd May 2013

      The Comments

      Thanks for that, Steve, how do you know this?

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Digital dating app for meeting the exotic ladies of Eastern Europe...


the good

  • » Meet women!
  • » Talk to women!
  • » Possibly meet women!

the bad

  • » Pay to chat
  • » Can get expensive
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