Top Android game Angry Birds

Cult game Angry Birds is free on Android

The Story

One of the most successful mobile games of all time, Angry Birds has generated a cult following - and massive sales revenues - on iPhone. Surprisingly, its developer decided to release it for free on Android - although you will have to put up with annoying text adverts at the bottom of the screen. The game's concept is simple, if bizarre: you control a catapult that shoots wingless birds towards colonies of legless pigs. Destroy all pigs, and you move on to the next level.

The Experience

The simple gameplay and steady learning curve make Angry Birds easy to pick up but almost impossible to put down. As you move between levels, you find new types of bird to shoot, each with their own deadly power. But you'll also find the pigs have every more canny ways to defend themselves. You will eventually win - if you're willing to dedicate a significant proportion of your life to victory. [Not a valid template]

The Bottomline

One of the most enjoyable and addictive games ever made. For free. An essential.

Additional Info

Update 9/11/2010 45 new levels, fiendish new episode, QVGA graphics Watch our Angry Birds video review

User reviews

  • John Chorley, 7th Nov 2011

    The Good

    Free on Android, good for kids

    The Bad

    Ads can be intrusive, Gets boring after 2 seconds, repetitive

    The Comments

    Honestly I think Angry Birds is way too over hyped for such a boring and uneventful game. When I started playing I got bored within 5 mins as I usually do with Mobile phone games.

    Each level is pretty much the same, and has the same objective.

    For it being free on Android, it’s not bad. However there are much better games out there for your phone.

    This game is something of a time waster than something that draws you in.

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World-beating, insanely addictive catapult puzzle game


the good

  • » Excellent quality free game
  • » Nearly 200 levels for longevity
  • » Cute graphics

the bad

  • » Annoying adverts
  • » Terrifyingly addictive
User Rating

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Angry Birds

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