The alien killbots from the award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth are back and this time, for reasons unlikely to become any clearer throughout the course of this review, they’ve got their collective off-world robo-eye on Korea. Could it be a curiosity for kimchi? Time to get tactical…


Fans of the original next-gen tower offense thriller will be delighted to see the arrival of the sequel, and even though Korea seems an odd place to stage an invasion (unless you’re the nutter in charge in North Korea), we don’t think anyone will care where the fire-fight is once they become engaged in this fine slice of app excellence. The story starts mere months after we kicked killbot botty in Tokyo and sent the murderous mechanoids packing… or thought we had. Out for revenge, the alien assault is back on in spectacular style having drifted west a bit in order to have a pop at the Korean Peninsula. So, it’s down to you, once more, to get your strategic game on and bring the battle to them amongst the alien infestation. Featuring a new tactical map, every detail counts as you assemble your squad and ponder your plan of attack, selecting routes and utilising executive powers to get your team through untouched and in a prime position to punish the metallic pillagers and show them why meat truly is murder. [Not a valid template]


No scrappy case of sequelitis, Anomaly Korea is every bit as good as the original and, indeed, features several improvements. With excellent graphics and effects – added to the fact that it’s currently available at a special launch price – those who like games with brains are in for a tactical treat.

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Current version: 1.0 Requires Android 2.2 Download the Anomaly Korea app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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Top notch tactical times against automaton invaders...


the good

  • » Excellent graphics
  • » Immersive gameplay
  • » Worth every penny

the bad

  • » A little short
  • » Struggles to run on some devices
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Anomaly Korea

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