The Story

Much more than a simple “to do” list, Astrid enables you to add and then track your tasks, whether these are business and personal. You enter the details and set the priority level, and Astrid will then remind you of any imminent deadlines or nag you when something urgent needs to be done. Like your wife, then, except you can switch Astrid off.

The Experience

This app is so user-friendly that it takes a while before you realise just how powerful it is. You can add tasks quickly by merely typing the basic info into a bar, then go in and edit this, change the priority level, the deadline date, and enter any relevant notes. The apps more advanced settings allow you to set-up reminders for when a task is either due – or, indeed, overdue. It even allows you to hide future tasks from view until a specific date or time. Who knows, perhaps you like to play psychological games with yourself?
Astrid to-do list Android App screenshot

Tick away your worries with Astrid's advanced to-do lists

You can, meanwhile, use a system of tags to let Astrid sort your tasks into business and personal categories, or perhaps tie these into specific projects that you have on the go. Astrid can even be set to synchronise with Google's web-based Tasks and Calendar services, which is an extremely useful feature in its own right. It’s a rare app that actually has a sense of humour, but this one somehow manages to make you feel good about getting tasks done and provides a playful nag when it knows you're missing deadlines. If Astrid had a pulse, you could consider marriage. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Guaranteed to make your life easier – an Android essential

User reviews

  • Jon Bridgeman, 18th Feb 2011

    The Good

    Easy to use, very high quality for free

    The Bad

    Google Task sync not great

    The Comments

    This App really does work – Astrid helps me get things done. It is easy to use but there more complex features under the hood for those who want them. The developers are trialling new features in beta right now, and there are optional paid add-ons available, so this is an app which will continue to get better

  • Kren Fu, 13th Dec 2010

    The Good

    Very handy tool

    The Bad

    A bit slow to load

    The Comments

    Very promising app.

  • tomdunmore, 6th Dec 2010

    The Good

    easy and enjoyable to use

    The Bad

    auto sync with Google doesn't always work

    The Comments

    I organise my life with Astrid. Say no more.

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6th Dec 2010

Keep on top of the job with this excellent task manager


the good

  • » Easy to use
  • » Clearly prioritises tasks
  • » Syncs with Google Tasks and Calendar

the bad

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