The Story

"Don't play with fire" is a phrase we're reasonably confident your parents will have said to you at some time or other. Well, it's time to show mum and dad you've moved on. Ok, so this might be virtual fire, but sans matches you can still cause some chaos with a bit of rope and a few bugs. Surprisingly addictive chaos as it happens...

The Experience

Burn the Rope puts you in charge of some rope and a flame. You're given various rope puzzles that you need to complete (by complete we mean 'burn') while also collecting bugs (by collecting we mean 'burning') To start you simply tap the rope at any point and your flame begins to burn. Now the key here is to keep the flame burning upwards at all times, just as you would to keep a safety match burning. Deft movement of the phone's accelerometer is therefore required to keep your flame burning along the rope in a suitably flamey fashion. Depending on the complexity of the rope pattern you're burning, your flame will likely split and you'll need to keep two or more flames going simultaneously. If your flame begins to burn down the screen rather than up, it will go out... Check out the video below to see what we mean. The idea is to burn as much of the given rope shape as possible to unlock the next level - you're awarded bronze, silver and gold depending on your progress on each level and there are bonus levels chucked in at various intervals where you're charged with burning (sorry, collecting) as many bugs as you can manage within a time limit. To add further complexity, burning coloured rope requires your flame to be burning the corresponding colour and this is achieved by burning a bug of said colour before your flame hits the rope. It's less tricky than it sounds, but adds another level of challenge to the game. We've spent a little while with Burn The Rope now and we wholeheartedly approve. It's addictive, yet simple and has plenty of levels - 112 at last count – to choose from. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Supremely addictive. Anyone with a penchant for burning rope, insects, or indeed anything that gets in their way, will love this. As will normal people...

Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.2.3 Requires Android 1.6 or higher And if that's whet your appetite, why not check out more app reviews here

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C'mon baby light my fire (so that I can burn rope, bugs, etc.)


the good

  • » Nice use of accelerometer
  • » Clever fire physics
  • » Lots of levels

the bad

  • » Removing ads requires 1.99 in-app purchase
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Burn The Rope

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