Just imagine taking a business card from, say, an important new work associate, a restaurant you’ve taken a shine to, or even from as idiot you want to remember to avoid in the future, then being able to snap an instant photo of it on your phone and have all the hot info instantly saved for you. Now stop imagining: welcome to CamCard…


The ideal app for anyone who’s ever found themselves bowing under the weight of a barrage of business cards, CamCard is the answer to the rolodex in the digital age. Take the card, snap a pic and walk away – CamCard crops the shot, saves an image of the card, collates all the contact details and files it away within any contact books you have or so desire. Accuracy ranges from absolutely bang-on for standard cards to, well, absolutely bang-off for more complicated designs, but rather than just present you with gibberish, the app will tell you it couldn’t read the data and ask you to try again. If you decide to use CardCam’s own contact book for storage you can also manually create entries without the need for any photo malarkey, helping to keep everyone neatly together. Featuring a Card Holder section to view all original photos in alphabetical order too, CamCard covers all paperised-personals potentialities. [Not a valid template]


As someone that has suffered the burden of business carditis countless times over the years, I’ve tried many similar apps, but unlike earlier in-card incarnations CamCard ticks all the right boxes. A matter of point and click with a business-like interface that puts all details right at your digit-tips, it may not offer 100% accuracy 100% of the time, but what it does offer is absolute contacts convenience.

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Current version: 3.0.2_20120414 Requires Android 2.0 and up Download the CamCard app from Google Play Check out other app reviews here

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Doing the business for the business card cluttered


the good

  • » Info stored in seconds
  • » Background file saving
  • » Easy to use and search

the bad

  • » Not always completely accurate
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CamCard Lite: Business Card R

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