the story

If you're a frequent flyer at networking events, you'll find your pockets stuffed with business cards the following morning and facing a day of arduously transcribing them all into your address book. But why waste time tapping in contact details when, with one click of a shutter, the whole card could be imported directly to your address book without so much as a key tap? CamCard Lite is the free version of IntSig Information's CamCard app. It offers the full functionality of the paid-for version but is limited to 10 scans per week in the first week and then a measly two per week from then on. If you're a 'power user' then we'd advise paying the £4.44 asking price for the full version, but for light/moderate networkers, the Lite version will do just fine.

the experience

Grab your card, line up the camera and hit the shutter. A quick bit of wizardry and 'here's what's happening now' showmanship ensues and magically CamCard drops the relevant information into the correct fields. And it does it pretty efficiently. If you throw it an unusually formatted card, you can trip up the recognition system enough for it to fill information in the wrong fields. Websites seem to be its achilles heel, although that's not a deal-breaking weakness to have and you'll find some anomalies are thrown up by unusual fonts. However, provided you don't move in circles where everyone has mirrored or grey-on-almost-identical-shades-of-grey cards, then CamCard will save you aeons - time that can be better spent doing actual work. A brilliant time-saving app but beware of the Lite version's limitations. [Not a valid template]

The bottom line

Scan-limited Lite version won't be ideal for frequent users but the results are excellent, provided you're prepared to edit the odd entry here and there.

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Version reviewed 2.5.20110107 Android 2.1 or higher IntSig Information Read our review of Camcard: full version

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CamCard Lite


25th Jan 2011

Transcribing business cards made easy


the good

  • » Brilliant character recognition
  • » Makes adding contacts a breeze
  • » Stores card scans as backups

the bad

  • » Limited card scans per week with Lite version
  • » Struggles in low light
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CamCard Lite

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