The Story

Misplacing your car once is careless. Misplacing it twice is downright idiotic, particularly given there are a raft of free and paid-for apps out there to keep tabs on your motor while you get on with other, more interesting things.

The Experience

Car Finder AR will keep track of up to three cars, should you be travelling in convoy. At a festival, for example, that's a godsend, given that friends' cars are likely to be littered around the site in packed car parks. Once you dropped your location into the app you have two methods of retrieving your ride. You can use the Aliens-style radar to navigate back to your wheels, or you can use the AR of the apps title. Essentially, using your smartphone's camera is used to overlay locations information, so as you look through your camera viewfinder the app drops location information over the top of your camera's feed. You might imagine hordes of people wandering around staring at their phone screens and tripping over each other as they try and find their vehicles, but Car Finder AR only requires an occasional glance to get you in the vicinity of your vehicle - no need to blindly stare at your phone's screen over a 20-minute walk. Car Finder AR will get you within metres of your car - it might not literally guide you directly to it to the nearest metre, but it'll certainly allow you to find it in a packed car park. The best car finder app we've tried yet. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Accurate and able to remember three car's positions at once. The best car finder app we've seen yet.

Additional Info

Version reviewed 2.6.5 Requires Android 1.5 or higher Download Car Finder AR from Android Market Check out more app reviews here

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Makes finding lost cars fun. Seriously...


the good

  • » Remembers up to three car locations
  • » Neat AR and radar location views
  • » Parking meter alarm and Google calendar synching

the bad

  • » UI not hugely intuitive
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Car Finder AR

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