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The cause of much controversy when initially launched for the PC back in the nicer old days of 90s, has Stainless Game’s car-based killer lost any of its high-speed impact in the intervening years to becoming an app in the twisted 21st century? Mirror, signal, mass-murder…


It’s fair to say that, akin to the arrival of Grand Theft Auto, the moral majority had a field day when the brutal carnage of Carmgeddon first screeched onto PC screens, showering everything in blood and spreading such shock that it saw the 3D destruction derby with death censored in countless countries and out-right banned in many more. At heart, a driving game that pits you and your upgradable automobile against a collection of computer controlled contenders as you cross checkpoints and avoid obstacles to finish first. Or at least that’s one way to win, as killing all those other aforementioned contenders also guarantees a victory. Oh and then there’s all the assorted pedestrians that line both the race track and go about their business off-road – you should kill as many as them as possible too to gain points and earn yourself more time on the clock to complete the race. And, yes, they do scream and, yes, they do explode in gratuitous gore. But this is 2013; surely you’re used to that by now! Nicely re-developed as an app, graphics are gruesomely sharp and gameplay precise with two thumb control seeing to the accelerator, brakes, reverse gear and turning, making the app a pleasure to play. With a nice wide collection of cars to unlock, upgrades to open and expansive, detailed, tracks to traverse in your motorised massacring machine, each race is as thrilling as and killing as the last. [Not a valid template]


A classic game brilliantly reinvented for the Android app generation, the moral morass of the murder of on-looking innocents aside, Carmageddon is car-killing-cool that has lost none of its engine revving edge.

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Current version: 1.0.253 Requires Android 2.3.3 Download the Carmageddon app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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Car-based killing classic rams its welcome way onto Android...


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  • » Faithful to orignal
  • » Great action
  • » Tons of fun

the bad

  • » Occasionally glitchy
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