The Story

Cashbook is the Swiss Army Knife of Android finance-apps, with features to track income and expenditure, and then log both business and personal expenses. Additional features, such as a mileage log, will undoubtedly prove a boon to small businesses, agents, or consultants. It’s well priced, too.

The Experience

The problem with any app that offers quite such as wide range of comprehensive tools and features is that it can result in complex menus. Cashbook has certainly made a decent stab of keeping this manageable with good online help and informative, pop-up tips. Even so, this is an app that takes a while to get your head around. When you do, however, it will swiftly prove to be invaluable. For instance it enables you to log income or expenditure by category and then easily sort these into personal or company types. The mileage log is also useful, even if it's set-up for American tax purposes. Other features, such as the ability to photograph and attach receipts put it on a par with dedicated expenses-apps. It isn't however, quite as quick as them when it comes to entering new expenses while on the move. And with no features to import data from, say, electronic bank-statements, Cashbook is extremely reliant on you typing in each transaction as it occurs. As somebody once said: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It’s probably wise, then, to take advantage of the app’s free 30-day trial to see if you will truly walk the walk to get the most out of what Cashbook has to offer before you hand over the real moolah. [Not a valid template]

The bottom line

Powerful finance app that is eminently suitable for business or personal use. It does, however, make you sweat in order to derive the full benefit

Additional Info

Version reviewed 13.09
 Requires Android 1.6 or higher The best Android work apps - work smarter, not harder…

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26th Jan 2011

Helps you to track income and expenses either at home or at work


the good

  • » Mileage-tracking tools
  • » Packed with featuresu2028
  • » Useful in-app tips

the bad

  • » American focus
  • » Requires a lot of manual input
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