Forever driving the wrong way down one way streets, careening off-road and into rivers, or sitting sobbing in epic tailbacks all because your transport technology is not up to task? Then you need to upgrade your Android assistance ante with CoPilot Live Premium…


Having been married for 12 years, I’d get lost at the end of my drive without the reassuring sound of a woman’s voice offering constant guidance on directions, regardless of whether I need it or not. But whilst my good lady also offers traffic warnings: “Look out for that car!” route editing: “Turn left here… no, not here, there! There! There!” and speed limit warnings: “Slow down! You’re going too fast, you idiot!” sometimes you just cannot beat the non-human touch; the non-human touch with an off switch. This is CoPilot Live Premium, a staggeringly feature-rich mobile navigation system that can work with or – more importantly – without a connection. Install the app, select your map region and download and store over Wi-Fi – quick and simple – after that you’re away and, for once, in the right direction. Offering 2D and 3D maps, turn-by-turn voice guidance, pre-trip planning, lane guidance (again, normally the wife’s domain), 12 month’s traffic service for free, safety camera alerts, in-app accessible POIs, and unique tap and drag route editing, CoPilot Live Premium is the most comprehensive, all-encompassing, utterly useful satnav system for Android out there, whether behind the wheel or on foot. [Not a valid template]


To test the Premium version I embarked on a journey to Roundabout City, Milton Keynes with ‘Luke’ as my guide. Normally a test of mental mettle often ending in an accepted Odyssean despair of eternal wandering, Luke kept me on the right road from door to door, didn’t complain about my driving once and even helped me dodge one particularly nasty snarl up at Hemel Hempstead. Sorry, Mrs. P, you’ve been relegated…

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Current version: Requires Android 1.6 and up Download CoPilot Live Premium from Google Play Check out other app reviews here

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Nifty all-encompassing nav app with on and offline options aplenty


the good

  • » Comprehensive maps and features
  • » Works with or without connection
  • » Free year of traffic service

the bad

  • » High battery power consumption
  • » Glitches have been reported on some devices
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CoPilot Live Premium UK + IRE

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