Warning: do not make any plans for the foreseeable future. Regardless of whether you have an addictive personality or not, possess the exacting mind of an engineer, the creative abilities of an artist, or just the curiosity of some kind of human-cat, all your spare time is about to be completely consumed…


Every so often along comes something that, even in a Google Play place comprised of a near-googolpex of apps, manages to be utterly original. At first a little confusing and possibly seeming to lack any real point, purpose or direction, what makes Creatorverse unique amongst apps is that it’s completely down to you and you alone to realise and release its potential; once you do you’ll end up addicted. Starting with a blank canvas, drag your finger across the screen to create, well, anything you want from a race car to a random selection of shapes and lines, then bring them to life using a physics pallet of forces, joints, motors and even teleporters to let them play out as per your design, rolling, accelerating, falling, bouncing, spinning and anything else you can conceive and construct. From complex machines to motor boats to mazes, you are literally only limited by your imagination and the dexterity of your finger of choice. As one of the user reviews on Google Play succinctly puts it, this is not a physics game, but a "physics sandbox", a sandbox that’s lets you tinker away like some garden-shed inventor, before sharing your creation online with likeminded Creatorversists to toy with too. [Not a valid template]


Ingenious and utterly addictive, there are many worthy ‘time waster’ apps available, but none with so much likelihood to cause you to lose whole days as Creatorverse. It’s not perfect as it lacks some basic requirements such as an Undo or Delete button to assist the creative process, but once Linden fix this oversight physics-fixated app perfection might just be achieved.

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Current version: 1.1.1 Requires Android 2.3.3 Download the Creatorverse app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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23rd Nov 2012

Let the creative juices flow with a physics fix that's utterly unmatched...


the good

  • » Unique idea
  • » Endless possibilities
  • » Sharing capability

the bad

  • » No undo or delete button
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