The Story

Love cricket? Find it a chore to find a decent cricket game on Android? You'll be pleased to hear of the mouthful that is Cricket T20 Fever 3D, then. A 3D cricket game that promises to deliver all the trills and spills of one-day and Twenty20 cricket.

The Experience

It's worth pointing out at this stage that we're far from cricket experts, but even our amateurish minds can spot a decent cricket game when we see one so if you'll allow us, we'll crack on. Cricket T20 Fever wows from the off with its superb graphics. They really are very, very good. Sound isn't quite so hot, however, with a gentle crowd hubbub only occasionally interspersed by the sound of leather on stumps as some unlucky soul gets bowled out. But that's it sonically. When it comes to playing this 'cricket' game, it appears there are two phases... Bowling is a breeze. You select the power and trajectory and unleash your worst on the batsmen. It's then just a case of sitting, back, relaxing and waiting for your fielders to do the business - that's if you haven't taken the wicket already, of course. Batting, on the other hand, is much more difficult. You need split-second timing to even hit the ball and even better timing to launch it out for a six or four. It gets easier with practice but it's no picnic even after a few hours of play. A little like the real thing, we dare say. On top of the gameplay, there's ball-by-ball over analysis that shows you exactly where each ball from each over went. Useful for the serious player and you can always ignore it if you're just after a quick thrash... Choose from Quick Match, One-Day, Twenty20, World cup and Power Play - which scores you points for game actions rather than the classic most-runs-wins rules. While it's not the most in-depth cricket game ever made, there's still plenty on offer for seasoned and armchair cricket fans alike. And even something for those of us who aren't cricket fans at all. If you want to see more of Cricket T20 Fever 3D, watch the gameplay trailer below… [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Superb graphics and challenging gameplay make this the best cricket game we've seen on Android. And it's free!

Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.3 Requires Android 1.6 or higher More arcade & action apps

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Cricket. In 3D. On your Android.


the good

  • » Great graphics
  • » Challenging gameplay
  • » Free

the bad

  • » Batting is very tricky
  • » Names are not officially licensed
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Cricket T20 Fever 3D

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