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As we write this, Cut The Rope is available exclusively as an ad-served download from the GetJar app store. By the tail end of this week, though, it's destined to appear on Android Market, although we dare say it won't be a free download... Time will tell. Whatever the asking price, we're willing to bet the gameplay experience itself won't be subject to change, so we're basing this review on the free download from GetJar. So there.

The Experience

Om Nom is a cute fella but he has a slight obsession with sweets. Having arrived in a box, you'll need to keep Om Nom happy by solving a number of box-based, physics problems within the game. These range from simply slicing a couple of ropes to release the suspended candy into Om Nom's open mouth, to complex systems of levers, pulleys, spikes and sweetie-stealing spiders intent on ruining Om Nom's day. Beautifully simple touchscreen controls keep gameplay frenetic but intuitive as you slice through ropes with a one-fingered swipe and pop bubbles with the merest tap of your screen. Cut The Rope's puzzles often involve high-speed responses to tricky situations and less intuitive controls just wouldn't measure up. It's a supremely judged gameplay experience, made all the more enjoyable by Om Nom's gesticulating as he becomes increasingly frustrated with the treat's lack of progress toward his gaping cake-hole. Cut The Rope, like its iOS cousin, is destined to become a bonafide classic. Android players could do worse than to bag it while it's free on GetJar. That said, it's hard to imagine it'll be more than a couple of quid on Android Market, so we'd say it's probably worth shelling out for...


Cut The Rope is now available for download at Android Market [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Cutesy, supremely playable and mega-addictive

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Slice the ropes to deliver tasty candy to your pet monster Om Nom


the good

  • » Great graphics
  • » Engaging gameplay
  • » Plenty of levels

the bad

  • » Ads are annoying - but then it is free...
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Cut The Rope

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