The Story

Diversion is a platform game with a difference with a 3D, 3rd person camera that follows the action as you hurtle through levels, hurdling mines, jumping spikes, sliding down ramps and jumping gaping chasms.

The Experience

One of the neatest things about Diversion is the fact that every level is different. And when we say every level is different we also mean every time you retry a level it’s different. You might think you’ve mastered the technique to get round a particularly tricky obstacle, only to find that it’s a completely different obstacle the next time round. Given that there are three ‘worlds’ to play through and each world has 30 levels apiece, that makes an already impressively lengthy game, even better value for (zero) money.

As you play through Diversion, you collect gems and stars that go towards unlocking new characters and outfits, which range from 60s chic to a deeply camp catsuit. And as you play, you’ll encounter more and more tricky obstacles to negotiate. Obstacles like mines can often be avoided completely but there are also times when you’ll need to bounce on them to reach the other side of a level; spikes just need to be avoided, while zip wires and slides can be used to your advantage if you react quickly enough.

The controls are actually just one control: just tap the screen to interact with objects or to jump to avoid obstacles. Your character will just keep running until you tell it to otherwise, so you can just keep an eye on what’s going on ahead.

Diversion is fairly graphically intensive with all that 3D jiggery-pokery, so you’ll need a well-specced handset to make it sing. Worth bearing in mind.

It’s a testament to Ezone’s coding skills that it’s managed to create a game that’s home to not only some of the most challenging levels we’ve seen in a platformer, but also dynamic levels that change as you play. Very, very clever stuff and as a free download, we can only recommend you get this particular Diversion onto your Android asap.

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The Bottom Line

Freebie 3D platformer that’s packed with challenges

Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.1
Requires Android 2.0.1 or higher

Download Diversion from Android Market

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Innovative 3D platformer with some quirky puzzles and controls


the good

  • » Impressive 3D graphics
  • » Dynamic levels make for a real challenge
  • » Simple, super-intuitive controls

the bad

  • » In-game advertising
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