The Story

Why faff with cables, memory cards, or fiddly desktop-software to ensure your digital life remains readily accessible to you or, indeed, to share with friends and colleagues? Especially so when you can, instead, simply stash many of these files in one central repository in “the cloud” and then dip into it as necessary. Dropbox for Android provides easy access to the respected Dropbox cloud-based storage service from an Android handset and also offers software for most computers or other smartphones.
Dropbox top Android app review

Store and share photos, videos and documents with Dropbox

The Experience

Whether you need to set up a Dropbox account or log into one that you have previously established, the app will have you up and running in a minute or two. You can then create new folders or see the ones already lurking within your own Dropbox, then immediately begin to upload files from your phone. It’s a wise idea to ensure that you upload files to the right folders, though, as there is currently no way to move them around by using the Android app. This task is, thankfully, easy to pull off from the main Dropbox website. Once you’ve uploaded files, you can then pull them back down whenever you want – or share a link to them with a friend or colleague via email, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Photos will pop up in your gallery app and MP3s stream nicely straight into the Android Music app. You will need, ideally, to be able to access a wi-fi network or a decent 3G data-connection. The Dropbox service gives you a healthy 2GB of storage online for free. Upgrading to the £6.50 monthly service gives a massive jump to 50GB – and there’s still more available if you need it. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Dropbox's cloud is nothing but pure silver lining. An indispensable tool for today’s smartphone owner

User reviews

  • John Chorley, 26th Oct 2011

    The Good

    Works with most phones and computers Free storage Easy uploads and downloads MP3 Streaming

    The Bad

    Mobile App is not as good as it's desktop counterparts Limited to basic storage of 2GB

    The Comments

    DropBox is a fantastic cloud based storage service. While you cannot copy or edit documents with the application, you can still stream your MP3’s and you can still view your pictures.

    However if you are using the free version you’ll end up having veyr little storage space (2GB at most), how ever there are ways you can increase this for free. Just check out the dropbox website for more information.

    I have found dropbox to be an invalulable asset in college, as I used it to back up my work. I highly recommend this to students.

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22nd Dec 2010

Put your head in the clouds - along with your files, photos, music and movies


the good

  • » Free online storage
  • » Easy uploads or downloads
  • » Works with most phones and computers

the bad

  • » 2GB limit for free
  • » Upgrading costs u00a36.50 a month
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