With nearly 60 million views on YouTube, it's safe to say that Dumb Ways to Die has already been a viral hit. Can this spin-off app repeat the success?


Like the video which inspired it, Dumb Ways to Die mostly works because of its ridiculously cute 2D design. We're not the kind of people to throw around words like 'cute' willy nilly either – perhaps its the underlying threat of gruesome death that gives it a sinister charm. The game is comprised of 15 mini-games that – as fun as they are – wouldn't be nearly as addictive without the same colourful characters lifted from the video. They're all here in full-force, and it's up to you to collect them all – Pokemon style – by racking up as big a score as possible. So, it's your job to clear up a screenful of vomit so that one little guy doesn't trip and fall to its death, and you'll have to stand on guard as another guy prances around in a shallow pool of piranha-filled waters. Each activity is made into its own mini-game which become harder and harder as you progress, with less and less time to complete them and a rapidly accelerating soundtrack to ramp up the tension. All this adds up to a fun and varied challenge that'll be a true test of your reactions, but with just one game mode to play through it's unlikely to provide more than a few hours game time. Even so, as a free app Dumb Ways to Die is worth a download if only to soak up its adorable animation [Not a valid template]


Dumb Ways to Die is a lightweight companion app to the viral video of the same name, but its characters and designs are just as memorable.

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Current version: 1.4.1 Requires Android: 2.2 and up

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Dumb Ways to Die


1st Oct 2013

You've seen the video, now play the game...


the good

  • » Simple, slick design
  • » 15 addictive mini games

the bad

  • » Intrusive video ads
  • » Just one game mode
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Dumb Ways to Die

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