The Story

Unlike the My Tracks app, which works pretty effectively on its own, this is all about uploading and sharing data on the Endomondo website. The Danish operation claims to have hundreds of thousands of users and aims to be a sort of Facebook or running: users are encouraged to share their work-outs, challenge each other, send voice messages of encouragement and basically hang out together online.

The Experience

The app, then, is fairly basic. Turn it on at the start of your run/walk/cycle and you can opt to hear various stats run out to you on the way (you’ll need to have separately installed voice synthesiser software for your phone), but all the clever stuff happens after you upload the data on completion. The service is a good choice if you or your household use several different handsets as there’s an app for nearly all types of smartphone. It’s no better or worse at handling a phone’s so-so GPS connection. [Not a valid template]

The bottom line

A good choice for anyone seeking online exercise buddies

Additional Info

Version reviewed 4.1.0 Endomondo

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A GPS tracker that can talk to you as you exercise, but which saves its biggest guns for the accompanying website


the good

  • » Attractive design, easy to use
  • » Big online presence
  • » Available for just about every smartphone

the bad

  • » Not many stats available as you work out
  • » Usual GPS-on-phones provisos apply
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Endomondo Sports Tracker

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