The Story

Sure, EyeEm will allow you to snap shots, add retro filters and share with your mates, but it’s much more than an Instagram me-too app – the clever use of tags and discovery features plug you into a global community of snappers and a whole new way to social network.

The Experience

The bloody-minded refusal of Instagram to release an Android version has left the market wide open and while there are some great retro filter options, EyeEm’s USP is its added sharing and discovery options that elevate it to a whole level.
Fire it up and you’ll be met with two options – take your own image or browse through your feed. If you choose to take a snap, you’ll be able to scroll through 10 live filtration options so that you can select before you press the button.EyeEm will then use its smarts to guess the activity and GPS to add location to your image. Activities range from “Checking In” to “Having Fun” – our only criticism is that these are pretty generic and don’t really add anything in our opinion. Much more useful is the fact that you can then tag your image with more specifics: “Cocktail” “Sunday Roast” “Dog with a moustache” etc. You can then choose to share to Facebook, Twitter or your Tumblr blog. And this is where it gets awesome – you can then scan similar tags to yours – or any that grab your attention – from 135 countries worldwide and then follow any user that ignites your imagination. Image feeds are updated regularly and presented in a super-swipeable tiled layout. You’ll find yourself completely immersed in a world creative, arresting and downright awesome images, backed up by great curation by the EyeEm team  in the form of regular featured users and weekend “best of” collections.
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The bottom line

Anyone who felt left out by lack of Instagram on Android need pine no more – we now have something way better.

User reviews

  • SADAKANE GEN, 18th Feb 2012

    The Good

    Love it! Great community!

    The Comments

    Go EyeEm!

  • Bart Van der Auwera, 16th Feb 2012

    The Comments

    Looks nice… But – haven’t you tried Lightbox yet? can’t seem to find a review of that one in here… One of the pro’s lightbox has – it creates a webpage for all your photos to view online… Something Instagram also lacks without a third party app…
    Either way – going to try it out!

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16th Feb 2012

Sharing and discovery options elevate this snapping app to a whole new level


the good

  • » Great interface
  • » Easy social networking
  • » A global creative community

the bad

  • » Generic activity tags
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