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Loosely based on the latest power-sliding cinematic release in that it’s located in London, time to buckle up and knuckle down now as you take control of the sexiest supercars and challenge the contraflow and Congestion Charge…


To be completely honest the Fast & Furious franchise largely passed me by with all the dust-throwing misdirection of an over-the-top drifting display. In fact the motorised misadventures of a muscle-bound slap-head with a chin-deficiency never really held any appeal at all, but given that its producers are currently working on the seventh film in the series, it must offer some mass appeal amongst movie goers somewhere; probably in places like Hazzard County or Southend.

However, quality street racing apps always appeal and, tenuous tie-in aside, Kabam’s latest has all the hallmarks of a road-going great. For a start the graphics are superb, offering realistic replications of cars from sports classics to super contemporary to collect and customise, and gaming that’s diverse with races, heists and tournaments to tackle – all there to help you work your way up the online leaderboard and drive your way to be crowned the Drag King; which is better than the Drag Queen. Ahem.

Controls are nicely intuitive and rightly responsive too, keeping you drifting and driving all day long. However, with a huge reliance on micro-transitions to keep your car moving this freemium really does super-charge at a premium.

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As you might expect from a ‘free’ app largely concerned with highway robbery, Fast & Furious 6 is not shy at asking for in-app pay-to-play; in fact, in this case, for progression it’s 9/10th of its law. However, action-packed and offering a wonderfully detailed, far cleaner, version of London to loon around, great graphics and good gaming, if you don’t mind having to keep reaching into the change-holder there’s plentiful Fast & Furious fun to be had.

Hang on, wouldn’t a diesel van be quite slow?

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Current version: 1.0.3
Requires Android: varies with device

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The Fast & Furious franchise lands in London. Get the drift?


the good

  • » Great action
  • » Good car selection
  • » Cool graphics

the bad

  • » Reliance on micro-transitions
  • » Can get expensive
  • » Glitchy on some devices
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Fast & Furious 6: The Game

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