The Story

Tower defence games are ten-a-penny these days but few of them look as good or play as well as Fieldrunners HD. Build up your defences to fight off advancing enemies with a variety of different weapons. The more enemies you kill, the more cash you amass, and the more sophisticated your defences can become.

The Experience

Fieldrunners is essentially Robo Defense with improved graphics - that's to say that you plonk your towers in the most effective way in order to make your assailants travel as far as possible to get to their goal. Creative placement is the key in order to make the bad guys travel further and therefore take as much damage as possible. You can choose from the Gatling Tower, Goo Tower, Missile Tower and Flame Tower amongst others and each has a different effect on the advancing enemy. The Goo Tower in particular is an effective weapon, slowing down enemies and allowing your more deadly towers to do more damage. Equally, the Tesla Tower metes out massive electrical damage to enemies. Get the balance right and you'll deal death to hundreds of enemies. Get it wrong and you'll, well, you'll lose... Fieldrunners doesn't offer anything particularly new, but does update an already winning formula with slick gameplay and graphics. Not bad for £1.83. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Super-slick tower defence game with plenty of challenge to offer

Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.03 Requires Android 2.1 or higher More puzzle & strategy apps

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Tower defence games don't get much slicker than this


the good

  • » Stunning graphics
  • » Super animation
  • » Challenging gameplay

the bad

  • » Yet another tower defence game...
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Fieldrunners HD

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