Final Fantasy III finally available on your phone? You betcha! Yes, it’s been 22 years in the making, but everyone’s favourite, orphan-organising, crystal-quest-centric, utterly unbalanced, other-worldly epic has arrived on Android; and in full 3D graphic glory…


Fantasy RPGs have come a long way since the days of spotty teenage boys sitting around in D&D T-shirts, rolling dice and summoning ‘The Wrath of the Homunculus” instead of getting out and meeting girls; and, indeed, the original Final Fantasy was the, literal, game-changer in that aspect. However, it was Final Fantasy III that really broke the mould for good back in 1990, so a lot of men who should really know better by now will, undoubtedly, be far too excited by the Android app launch. Now lovingly re-rendered with 3D graphics, the story remains the same mind-boggling mix of dark and light crystals, over and under worlds, and the quintessential quartet of plucky orphans picked to sort the whole mess out. Beautiful to behold, Final Fantasy III’s graphics are gripping, controls are intuitive, and the gameplay is as smooth as Refia’s bottom as the four of you follow the trail and thrash your way through turn-based combat in a bid to bring balance and defeat the evil Cloud of Darkness forever. And not a childish homunculus in sight! [Not a valid template]


Take all of this, add in Android-only story sequences and full monster bestiary browsing and the result is RPG gaming perfection. An absolute classic reimagined for your Google platform phone, if you were a fan back in 1990 then prepare to have those feelings of Final Fantasy III fandom rapidly reawakened and your spare time spent.

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Current version: 1.0.2 Requires Android 2.2 and up Download the Final Fantasy III app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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All-time classic RPG comes to Android


the good

  • » Follows the original storyline
  • » Great new 3D graphics
  • » Special Android-only story sequences

the bad

  • » Appears to fail on some devices
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Final Fantasy III

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