The Story

The clue is in the title.  Swipe your finger up your phone’s screen to send a football flying into the back of the net, avoiding the goalie and any defenders in the way. Keep on shooting until you either miss or the shot is saved. Rack up the high score, then boast about it to your friends.

The Experience

Flick Kick Football sounds basic and, frankly, it is. You can adjust the direction of each shot you take by changing the direction that your finger flicks in, and increase the power by using longer swipes. To add spin, you merely swipe in a curve. The different placement of goalies and defenders in each scene ensures that every shot feels like a new challenge and, as your score racks up, so does the pressure. There are time-attack and target-shooting modes to liven matters up, plus online high-score charts where you can share the triumph of topping the leaderboard. Flick Kick's trump card is, however, its style. The visuals appear to have come straight from the pages of the classic Roy of the Rovers cartoon and, should you fail, the clichéd pundit quotes have that ring of authenticity. Yes, this is a simple game, but it is achingly addictive all the same. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

This is no FIFA-beating football sim. All the same, as a simple fun-packed football game, it’s spot on.

Additional Info

Version reviewed: 1.0.1 Android 2.0 and above

User reviews

  • rogerbarr, 13th Dec 2010

    The Good

    Lovely design

    The Bad

    My wife is annoyed because I can't put it down

    The Comments

    It’s an incredibly simple idea but it works and it’s highly addictive. You get 3 lives but you can earn lives by hitting skill spots that are located tight on the goal to score a point. It does get harder though, sometimes there are defenders in the way, sometimes there are defenders and a moving goalkeeper and sometimes it’s just a crazy angle (i.e. shooting from the corner flag). You’ve got to learn pretty quickly how to swerve the ball. Brilliant app. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you if you can’t stop playing it. 340 goals to beat.

  • tomdunmore, 7th Dec 2010

    The Comments

    One of my faves too. Bizarrely seems a bit harder than it is on iPhone though.

  • Paul Button, 7th Dec 2010

    The Good

    Highly Addictive!

    The Comments

    Great app, can’t put it down

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Swipe to shoot in this simple yet stylish football shootout


the good

  • » Intuitive finger swipe controls
  • » Lovable vintage-style graphics
  • » Addictive and initially challenging

the bad

  • » Repetitive gameplay
  • » Lacks long-term appeal
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Flick Kick Football

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