The Story

Now then, how to approach this... Every now and again, you might have a photo or two that you'd rather every Tom, Paul or Roger weren't able to get their hands on. You might just pass your phone over for them to make a call or be showing them a new app - a couple of key presses later, they're knee-deep in your gallery, sifting through your 'special reserve'. Gallery Lock Pro aims to put an end to such occurences...

The Experience

Gallery Lock Pro locks your gallery to the outside world, or rather it puts a password on specific images that you place within its vault. Once you've set up your password, it's a simple case of selecting photos from your gallery to 'hide' and lock away in your vault. After you've done this, your photos are only accessible via the passcode you've entered. They disappear from your phone's standard gallery completely. You can categorise your protected images by folder and even hide the Gallery Lock Pro icon in your menu bar. Once you've hidden it, you can access it only by dialing the passcode from your phone's keypad. A neat touch for those of you with prying family members who might question why there's a Gallery Lock app on your phone. Price-wise, a paltry 63p is a small price to pay for added security and, should your phone be stolen, at least you know that your images are protected from prying eyes - delete Gallery Lock without freeing your images from their vault and they'll also be deleted, so a thief won't be able to get at them unless they have your passcode. Our one criticism? The spelling and grammar is dire. Truly awful. So bad that it makes it difficult to understand what the hell the developer is going on about. If this were a more complex app, we'd be scuppered. As it is, it's simple enough to figure out despite the dev's instructions. And we'll leave you with this, if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear. For those of us living in fear, there's Gallery Lock Pro. We should have written the Market description for them... [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Powerful, secure photo storage with uber simple UI

Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.6.5 Requires Android 2.0 or higher More Android tools

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Neat gallery locker that keeps your personal snaps safe from prying eyes


the good

  • » Protects personal pics
  • » Concealable function
  • » Easy to use

the bad

  • » Poor instructions
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Gallery Lock Pro

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