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The Story

The best-selling fitness app for the iPhone has been re-made for Android with most of its functions intact (iPhone users do get an extra calorie-counter, although there have been complaints about its accuracy). What Android users do get are the details of more than 200 different exercises, all with photographs and some offering video too. You will, however, need a reasonable internet-connection to view these.

The Experience

This app is really an interactive book, and it neatly demonstrates the power of what is, in reality, a wholly new medium. You can, for instance, save specific combinations of exercises to set up your own routines, log the time or date these were performed, and the reps achieved. Then watch your progress charted over time. An especially valuable element of this app is all the pre-set routines - some for specific sports such as golf or hockey, others to work on a particular muscle-group. There is also some very smart indexing at work here: you can sort out the exercises you wish to tackle by muscle, goal, or even what equipment you’ve got available. For some reason, however, a coffee-making machine was left off this list. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Almost as good as hiring a personal trainer, and without all the shouting

Version reviewed 1.9

Works with all Android variants

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Massive, illustrated exercise-guide able to log workouts or track your progress


the good

  • » Packed with slick photos and videos
  • » Includes pre-set routines
  • » Attractive, professional design

the bad

  • » Would you take your phone into a gym?
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