The Story

Show Life Of Android a smartphone owner who doesn't like movies and we'll show you a liar or someone who hasn't watched the right ones yet. That's where the IMDb Movies & TV app comes in, offering you all the help you could ever need to find the right flick for your evening entertainment. From the now famous Top 250 to trailers and even show times of local cinema screenings, it's hard to imagine what more you could want from a free app.

The Experience

Where some websites lazily port over their content and design to Android in the most unwieldy manner possible, the IMDb app hugely benefits from being specifically designed for smartphone usage. Its slick menu system enables effortless navigation across a range of upcoming and classic titles with a pleasing mix of pictures and text. Better still, key tabs like the US Box Office Results and MOVIEmeter are just a scroll down on the homepage. For those who want a more in-depth experience, IMDb can cater for you too. Reviews, trivia and vital statistics are available for almost every film imaginable. Why you'd want to watch The Lost Boys trailer 20 years on from its original release is beyond us but needless to say it's there if the fancy takes you, as is a detailed listing of Jason Patric's subsequent career decline. Such is the overwhelming ocean of information available through the app, it's quite something that everything is organised with a minimum of fuss or clutter. In addition to the vast archive of available data, IMDb also excels in must-have movie news and pictures which come hot off the internet press. For example, a quick peruse tells us Eddie Murphy is rumoured to be hosting the Oscars this year, hopefully in character he'll do so in character as Big Mama. Finally, if you're more interested in a night out at the local multiplex instead of staying in on the dog-eared couch, you can look up cinema listings using your phone's GPS chip. Sadly, you can't book tickets but then that function would make the IMDb app too good to be true. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

The ideal smartphone companion for any movie buff.

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Version reviewed 2.3 Requires Android 1.6 or higher Download the IMDb app from Android Market Check out more app reviews here

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The perfect app for Android movie buffs


the good

  • » Slick menu system
  • » Trailer archive is a virtual treasure trove
  • » Local cinema listings are a great addition

the bad

  • » Unable to book tickets
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