Who’s that breaking into your house in the middle of the night? He got a beard, a bag and he’s playing with your presents… could it be? Is it? Has Santa come to visit?! No, of course not! Grow up and call the police quickly, you’ve got armed intruders…


Yes, one strictly for children and the more gullible of adults, Portable North Pole 2012, to give it its full, more descriptive name, is a pure bit of festive fun to keep the kids entertained over Advent and, if you can keep disbelief suspended, ensure they remain at their “nicest”. At the core of this elf-bothering app is the ability to make personalised video messages from Santa Christmas himself for any and all of your little angels. All you have to do is punch in names, dates, places and up to 20 fields of information, add photos and let Father Claus’s digital dwarves do the rest, delivering a premium prognosis straight from the Pole on whether your nipper has been Good or BAAAAAAAADDDDD. Said videos can then be downloaded to your phone or tablet and used to either leave your child delighted or distraught… but ultimately in-line! On top of this comes Santa Calls – a variety of pre-recorded call scenarios from Saint Claus, an Advent Calendar full of puzzles, carols and colouring in, behind the scenes videos of work at the North Pole (Santa beating his elves, etc), a Crimble Countdown with a new Naughty/Nice message available each day, and a Christmas Radar just in case your little ones want to know where they are in the world in relation to Santa Nicholas and his ickle helpers. [Not a valid template]


Packing in a lot of Christmas content, children will love unwrapping this app. Simultaneously keeping them entertained and subconsciously fearful of falling foul of a Naughty judgement from the terrifying Enormo-Elf himself, thus guaranteeing Silent Nights and Peace on Earth, it's also an early Christmas present for you!

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Current version: 1.0.3 Requires Android 2.3.3 Download the iPNP 2012 app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout...


the good

  • » Great for kids
  • » Plenty of content

the bad

  • » Has a few bugs
  • » Santa struggles with some names
  • » Radar can be less than accurate
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iPNP 2012

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