The Story

Jogtracker Pro - and it pains us to use this phrase - does exactly what it says on the tin. It measures distance, time, pace, speed, altitude and a multitude of other variables to allow you to track your exercise over days, weeks and months. You can analyse past runs and check the various graphs to see how you've progressed. So does it do the business?

The Experience

Jogtracker Pro offers extra features over the standard, free version of Jogtracker like the mildly useful altitude chart, speed and pace charts, an auto pause/resume function and zero ads. In essence, Jogtracker is a stripped down, functional exercise tracker that, despite its name, also allows you to track walking, cycling, hiking, rowing and skiing... And swimming, although you'll need to be sure not to drown your 'droid... Jogtracker doesn't have a host of beautifully crafted splash screens. It doesn't have an animated cartoon trainer. It doesn't have any unnecessary frills. What it does have is a host of measurable statistics for you to analyse in intricate detail whenever you're not exercising. If anything there's too much detail here, but we know many of you love detail, so we're not about to mark it down for that. In fact, the only remotely pretty part of the map is the Google maps-powered route tracker, which allows you to see in intimate detail exactly where you've been. And talking of detail, should you have a SmartHRM heart rate monitor, then you can integrate that into your Jogtracker workout. If you don't, you can't. Simple. Facebook integration - as with everything these days - is a given, allowing you to share your workout with the wider world, should you be under the misapprehension that the wider world actually cares. You may also want to consider describing what you had for breakfast each day in painstaking detail... If you're concerned about losing your exercise data - don't be. All of your runs are automatically fired up into the cloud and synced with so if you change handsets or mistakenly delete your data, you'll always have an archive of stats to check back with. In short, Jogtracker is a beautifully simple, yet beautifully complex exercise partner. The workmanlike app design is in stark contrast to the lavish level of detail it offers and, compared to other running buddies on the market, like the Nike+ Sportband, offers unerring distance accuracy. In fact, we used Jogtracker to calibrate our Sportsbands, which we suspected were a little generous when it came to measuring distance. We were right, incidentally, to the tune of around 0.1 of a km per km. Not much but it adds up over distance. So accuracy, plenty of stats, and a big cloud-based repository for your data. What's not to like? [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Jogtracker eschews bells and whistles to give you the pertinent info in a straight-talking, easy-to-digest style. A runner's/cyclist's/rower's/etc, etc's must-have.

Additional Info

Version reviewed 3.0.0 Requires Android 1.5 or higher

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Exercise tracker that's a statistician's dream


the good

  • » Huge amount of exercise variables logged
  • » Simple and easy-to-use
  • » Heart monitor option

the bad

  • » Not the nicest-looking app
  • » No coaching option
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Jogtracker Pro

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