Despite the fact that the UK is apparently about to endure the coldest May for 100 years, summer is – we're assured – on its way, meaning the time to work your flabby flesh back into carved, body beautiful acceptability before beach season strikes is fast running out. What’s that? You’ve got just six weeks? That’s handy…


Okay, I traded my six-pack in for a keg years back and the urge to get into shape only ever really hits me when I’m either too ill or drunk to do anything about it. But a relatively ‘quick-fix’ like Just 6 Weeks has an undeniable appeal. A personal trainer app that reckons it can have you fighting fit in next to no time using a series of programmes covering push-ups, sit-ups, squats, dips and pull-ups, obviously, you’ll need to possess a bit of drive yourself as the app doesn’t shout motivation sayings at you, but following the instructions and hitting the ‘Done’ button after completing reps delivers quite a bit of satisfaction; and, if you’ve done it properly, pain too. No slave-driver though, the app allows you rest periods between routines – it gave me a full 60 seconds off after six push-ups, thankfully, because I was lying face down anyway – and lets you review your stats as you go along, which can either boost or devastate morale… [Not a valid template]


With a clean, basic body building interface, easy to follow instructions and timer and reminder settings, I can see anyone adhering to this app enjoying real results in the proffered period. Downloadable on trial for free, with each workout available at £0.61 (or all for £1.86), if you want to lose the lard, break out the Lycra and legwarmers now!

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Current version: 1.3.0 Requires Android 2.1 and up Download the Just 6 Weeks app from Google Play Checkout more app reviews here

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Just 6 Weeks


20th Apr 2012

A six pack in just six weeks? It's all in the name...


the good

  • » Look good
  • » Feel good
  • » Far cheaper than a real personal trainer

the bad

  • » Needs more exercise options
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Just 6 Weeks

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