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Keep your passwords secure with Keeper

The Story

Repeat after me: ''Password' is not a password.' Of course, real security is about more than just not picking your cat’s birthday as a PIN. It’s about choosing passwords that are hard to guess and then keeping them safe from online miscreants – but not so safe that you can never remember them. Keeper takes the hassle out of generating and safely storing all your passwords and access codes.

The Experience

Keeper looks deceptively simple: just tell it a website and your password. Or let the app itself generate random ones that are nigh-on impossible to guess but also tough to memorise (such as NPL$%343Hg). You won’t be able to give these up, even under “enhanced interrogation” but neither will you be able to remember them without Keeper’s help and so the app’s very convenience could hence prove something of a gilded cage. Just a thought. The app has space for hundreds of passwords, sorted into categories if you like. When you want to visit a site, click on its URL and then press the login box to paste your password straight in. Assuming, of course, that you have first entered your master password into the handset. If you pay for the matching desktop software, which costs around £20 per year for Mac or PC, you can synch your phone’s passwords (even wirelessly) with your computer or the cloud, giving you a real go-anywhere security. Keeper promises that all of this data is secured using “military-grade” 128-bit encryption and also that the app will self-destruct if you get its master password wrong five times in a row. Just promise you won’t use the word password for this. Or admin for that matter. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Cast-iron aide memoire for anyone who banks, shops or shares personal info on the move

Additional Info

Requires Android version 1.5+

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Put Fort Knox in your pocket with this bulletproof password-manager


the good

  • » Stores and generates passwords
  • » Secure cloud-based system
  • » One-tap cut and paste

the bad

  • » Expensive desktop synching software
  • » Requires a lot of trust in the developers
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Keeper Password & Data Vault

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