The Story

We've been messing about with Leo's RC Simulator for some time now, but we've never been able to uncover the point of it all. Today we've decided to damn the point and just write the review, because this is one game that's been omnipresent on our Androids for some time, that we keep coming back to time and time again, and that is completely free. As the name suggests, this is a radio-controlled plane/helicopter simulation that plonks you in a field and gives you a two-channel controller to play with while attempting to keep jets, choppers, gliders and prop-powered planes in the sky and away from solid objects.

The Experience

There's no loading screen and the menu system is baffling and, frankly, a complete mess, but load up your choice of plane, pick from the two (yes, two!) scenery options available and use your phone's touchscreen to operate the horizontal and vertical radio-controlled remote sticks. That's all there is to it - unless you want to get into altering the physics of the flight models and messing around with flaps, of course. But that's more then enough to keep you busy, just keeping your plane in the air for more than a few seconds is tricky enough at first - the helicopter is relatively easy to keep in the air, until you try and fly it forwards... Within the aforementioned baffling menu system you can record your flight to SD card to show off to other users and you there's also the option to grab a still from your flight. Hit the demo option and you'll see how it's done, as if you didn't feel hopeless enough already. Still, practice makes perfect... When we first downloaded Leo's RC Simulator, the grandly named 'Internet add-ons repository' was live and offered a few extra plane models to download. Recent attempts at connecting to it have been unsuccessful and our attempts to contact Leo himself have so far been unsuccessful. Add to that the fact that the developer's website link on Android Market is also broken and we fear we may have reached the end of the line for the simulator. Emails do seem to be getting through, though, so download the app and if you like it, hit the email link on the Android Market listing and let's get Leo to code a proper update. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

While there's no end-game to play for, swooping, diving and performing acrobatic rolls doesn't ever seem to get old... We love Leo's RC Simulator. There, we said it.

Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.7 Requires Android 2.0.1 or higher

User reviews

  • Jeffrey Monheim, 6th Apr 2011

    The Good

    its free

    The Comments

    love it

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R/C controlled plane and helicopter sim we can't put down


the good

the bad

  • » No challenges or rewards, just free-play
  • » Only two scenery options
  • » Require buckets of patience
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Leo's RC Simulator

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