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Review by on the 27th April 2011

The Story

Retro snaps are all the rage these days and with superb apps like Retro Camera Plus around, who can blame us for coming over all nostalgic? But what of the shots you took before the days of retro camera apps? Are they forever consigned to the non-sepia dustbin? Are these pixel-perfect homages to the digital age always to remain a stark reminder of the clinical perfection of modern imaging? Nope. Because Little Photo is here to transform all your pin-sharp prints into blurry, watermarked and scratched nods to yesteryear. Thank the stars.

The Experience

Little Photo strikes us as a piece of photo editing software that's had some camera functionality tacked on, rather than the other way around. The actual camera element of the app isn't actually up to much. By default the camera is set to a three-second timer minus flash and there's no way to turn it off within the app, so you're hardly going to be snapping high-drama action shots, more likely the post-drama, relaxation footage that immediately follows. Sadly, No matter, though, your Android device already has a perfectly serviceable camera app built in and, in many ways, that's your best bet before launching Little Photo and tinkering away. There's a bewildering array of effects on offer from various Lomo settings, to effects like Hell Fire and Ghost Soldier. You can even add text and images to your photo if you so wish. Little Photo, then, works far better as a piece of after-effects software and, as such, can transform all your tired old camera snaps into old-skool masterpieces. Better still, with a vast range of effects to choose from, why limit yourself to one? You can layer different effects over the top of one another to create your perfect pic. The only danger is that you'll go a bit too far and create a monstrous, effects-riddled shadow of the former photo. Should that happen, you can revert to the original shot in a matter of seconds. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Cracking photo-editing app. If you like retro snaps, you'll love Little Photo

Additional Info

Version reviewed 3.2.2 Requires Android 1.6 or higher

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Add effects to existing photos or take new snaps and choose from a massive range of filters


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  • » A huge range of effects can be added to photos already in your gallery
  • » Powerful photo editor

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Little Photo

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