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Locale ringer control Android app screenshot

Avoid embarrassing calls with Locale's automatic ringtone control

The Story

Nobody wants to be the chump whose phone, embarrassingly, goes off during a meeting or at the cinema. Nevertheless, it’s oh-so-easy to forget to switch in onto “silent” mode as you sit down to enjoy a big box of popcorn. Locale, however, claims to handle much of this for you.

The app will automatically adjust your phone’s ringtone and the volume level according to the time of day, the location you are in, or both. It does so by utilising your handset’s clock and GPS feature and thereby offers seamlessly appropriate ringer behaviour for various day-to-day situations.

The Experience

These features may sound impressive in their own right but, in fact, Locale can do much more than this. If, say, you don’t want your phone to ring when you place it face down, or you want a different ringtone when friends call after (but not during) working hours, then Locale can handle all of this too.

It can switch the handset’s wi-fi off automatically as you leave the office and then switch it back on again when you get home to save valuable battery-life. Local can also ensure that your phone stays silent when you’re visiting a particular client, again using GPS positioning.

Other apps, notably Tasker, can do even more, but Locale is easier to get to grips with and, on the whole, works extremely well. What’s more, you can even upgrade these features using plug-ins – some of them must be paid for, but others are free to download. Spend a little time with Locale and it will undoubtedly spare you some blushes and prove so useful that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.


The Bottom Line

Makes an Android handset fit for purpose without forcing you to think about it

Additional Info

Version tested: 1.4.3
Android 1.5 and above


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3rd Dec 2010

Avoids the embarrassment of ringtone hell and enables your phone to manage itself


the good

  • » Genuinely useful
  • » Automates adjustment of phone-ringer
  • » Easy to set-up

the bad

  • » Not quite as powerful as rivals
  • » Advanced features require plug-ins
  • » Pricy for what it does
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