As you may have guessed,  Middle Manager of Justice isn't much like other superhero games. Sure, it's packed with plenty of caped cartoon heroes, but you play the part of a dowdy middle manager looking to balance the books.


Fighting crime might seem glamorous, but like any other profession there's lot of basic admin to be done. Superheroes don't train themselves, and neither do they know when to rest, buy new training equipment or answer emergency calls from panic-stricken members of the public. That's where you come in. Middle Manager of Justice is a management simulator at heart, but its got a lightness of touch that means you don't need to be a master tactician to enjoy it. The game isn't overloaded with stats and concepts, just a few basic hero attributes that you need to work on in order to be successful on the job. Even so, with moments of hilarious dialogue and a keen attention to witty details, MMOJ has loads going on to keep you interested. The game has a lot of laughs with its camp superhero theme, poking fun at the conventions of similar, more sincere games. In a showdown with the game's first major villain, for instance, our hero employee taunts, "Robbing innocent old ladies? Your crimes are as unimaginative as your name, Skullface." As scenes like this play out, you have the option of watching them with minimal interaction, or simply assigning your superhero team to crimes based on their varying strengths and weaknesses. While there is just one game mode to play through, there's enough to Middle Manager of Justice for repeat play-throughs – with the option of selecting new heroes each time and training them differently. For a free app, too, this is a seriously well thought-out and imaginative game. [Not a valid template]


We love superhero stuff as much as the next person, but its a well-worn theme. Middle Manager of Justice, though, is a rare, imaginative take on costumed crime-fighting capers.

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The superhero admin that Hollywood forgot...


the good

  • » Original concept
  • » Funny dialogue
  • » Attention to detail

the bad

  • » One game mode
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Middle Manager of Justice

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