Another week, another inconvenient zombie apocalypse. Yes, with Euro 2012 just around the corner what better time to sharpen both your ball control and undead-ending skills with a bloody take on the beautiful game? Kick with the body and shoot to kill with our favourite new fusion of sports: Pro Zombie Soccer…


Your name is Jax, a failed wannabe footballer who, whilst rummaging through a bin one day, gets savaged bythe brain-hungry, annoying active corpse of a former soccer star. Naturally, even though you commit an instant sending-off on him, the deed is done and you too will start to turn; but first you’ll inherit his fantastic footballing skills and use them to put a positive new spin on the term ‘football hooligan’. Combining an excellent Manga-style cartoon storyboard, brilliantly nonsensical backstory and fast and furious footie gameplay, it’s a simple matter of powering up, aiming tight and letting loose a volley of shots at the on-coming army of the undead. Take them piece by piece or drop them with a single headshot to earn points and unlock speciality move upgrades, such as hoofing your ball into space to realign an orbital weapons platform and then use it to rain down a head-hammering death-ray on the closing cadavers. That's right, how could you possibly resist? [Not a valid template]


With a good range of decomposing demons to decimate, covering big, small, slow, fast, easy to kill and for-the-love-of-god-why-won’t-you-die?! varieties, Pro Zombie Soccer challenges your reflexes, your aim and your brain, your tasty, tasty brain, in a wonderfully designed war on the walking dead that’ll keep you amused for hours. Angry Birds take flight, it's the dawn of the furious footballer...

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Football v festering figure fusion that lets you soccer to 'em...


the good

  • » Highly amusing
  • » Good gameplay and graphics
  • » Excellent upgrades

the bad

  • » Requires a large chunk of memory
  • » Some may find it repetitive
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Pro Zombie Soccer

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