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The Story

Once upon a time there was the internet, a shining lighthouse of unfettered information in a sea of ignorance. People used the internet to gain knowledge and to banish ignorance. But people misused the internet and began to fill it with all sorts of untruths. That, my friends, is the story of the web so far. We'll set it to music and tout it around the West End in due course, but before we do that, it just remains for us to tell you why all that was relevant to the Pulse News Reader.

The experience

Pulse is essentially an RSS news reader like any other. Except that there is one big difference over the gaggle of competitors out there - Google Reader for example - and that's the way it displays your feeds. Pulse arranges news in a series of horizontal columns that make zipping through the latest happenings a breeze. You can easily add new feeds, rearrange the position of existing ones, access Pulse's recommended feeds, or go searching the web for new ones. Pulse helpfully gives you categories within which to search, or you can enter the URL of a particular feed you're interested in. The really clever stuff is that Pulse doesn't require you to be online to read the latest stories. It downloads the newest content automatically and makes it available to you wherever you are. Perfect for a lengthy underground commute. 'Facebook integration' is a phrase we're overly fond of saying here at Life Of Android, but that's because every man, his dog, his two ferrets and his mange-riddled cat seems to be on the case here. Pulse pulls in the latest links posted on Facebook and displays them as another news feed wherever you deem fit for it to do so. Should you find something desperately exciting that you must share that very second, Pulse makes it a two-tap cinch to post the resulting link on Facebook, Twitter and Instapaper Pulse also updates its recommended feeds every Friday, so the hard work of trawling the web for quality content is done for you. It's not hard to see why Steve Jobs made mention of the iPhone and iPad versions of Pulse during a recent developer's conference. It's the finest news reader out there, bar none. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

The best and most innovative RSS news reader out there

Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.9 All Android versions Alphonso Labs

User reviews

  • John Chorley, 19th Oct 2011

    The Good

    Great user interface, Integration with Google reader, can set up seprate pages for different types of news, Can quickly add other sources, Free

    The Bad

    Can be a little hard to see news titles on Galaxy S1

    The Comments

    A fantastic alternative to feedly. It allows you to sync and select your news feeds from Google Reader. The application its self also has multiple news sources you can add, and on top of that you can make separate pages for different news topics such as Tech, Sport etc.

    This application feels like it’s something that is worth paying for, but as long as it’s free, you shouldn’t pass this application up.

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Slick, innovative RSS news reader


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Pulse News Reader

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