Radiant HD Android app review

Retro blasting, 21st-century style in Radiant HD

The Story

Remember the good old days when aliens descended from the skies in orderly fashion? So do the makers of Radiant. This great arcade shoot-'em-up pays homage to Eighties favourites such as Space Invaders and Galaxians. You must blast your way through wave after wave of asteroids and aliens, pausing only to upgrade your weapons. This HD version is compatible with HD phones and some 7in Android tablets.

The Experience

Radiant's alien invaders and flying saucers have the classic, blocky charm of the originals, but the glowing neon style and trance-style music give the game a slicker modern feel. The action is incredibly simple: pressing on the left- or right-hand side of the screen moves your ship, which fires its weapons at a pre-set rate by itself. This occasionally makes the game irritating. Nevertheless, the more you play, the more you realise that timing is everything. Different waves of aliens and some massive boss baddies stop the action getting too samey, and credits that you capture from eliminating your foes can be spent on new types of guns to blast them with. Old school, yet also utterly compulsive. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Back-to-basics blasting served up with some seriously slick retro styling

Additional Info

Version tested: 2.14 Android version 1.6 and above required www.hexage.net

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Riveting tribute to the old-school arcade classics


the good

  • » Stripped-back shoot-em-up action
  • » Stylised HD visuals
  • » Massive boss battles

the bad

  • » Gameplay can be frustrating
  • » No alternative game-modes
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Radiant HD

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