The Story

Your Android device is a cutting-edge, multitasking beast that's crammed with the latest tech but sometimes, and only occasionally, retro is best and that applies to your Android's camera. Sure, you might have a 32-megapixel snapper tacked onto your Android, but how about grabbing some moody, heavily colour-saturated retro pics? For that you'll need an app like Retro Camera Plus...

The Experience

Retro Camera Plus gives you the choice of five classic cameras: a Fudgecam, Pinhole camera, 'Xolaroid' 2000, Little Orange Box and The Barbl. Each of them has their own unique characteristics and each has a fact file that can be accessed before you make your choice. You can choose to snap in full colour or super-chic black and white and each camera has its own unique interface. A really neat touch is the spirit level, meaning you can ensure your pics are level. If you're anything like us, you'll have a hard drive full of wonky pics - this makes banishes wonkiness and makes puts right angles back into your snaps. If there's one criticism to be levelled at Retro Camera Plus, it's the tiny viewfinder necessitated by the individual camera interface graphics. It's a shame because you have to be very careful when framing pics, but it's a sacrifice most people will be prepared to make for the retro charm of the interface. And, of course, cameras didn't have mammoth LCD viewfinders back in the day, so it's historically faithful as well. Once you've taken your snap - via the touchscreen shutter button - you can view them in the darkroom, neatly hanging up on a peg to dry. The individual effects are brilliantly executed and give your snaps a real taste of photographic history. Messing about with different cameras to see what finish you get is a fun way to while away half an hour or so and once you've picked your favourites, you can access themwith a couple of taps of the screen so shouldn't slow you down too much when you need to shoot a pic at speed. Retro Camera Plus adds real charm to your Android photos and beats the standard snapper into a cocked hat, whatever one of those is. We can't recommend it highly enough, but we can give it a score out of 10. So we will... [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

Brilliant camera app that turns your cutting-edge Android into an old-skool snapper. Perfect for photo buffs who want more from their mobile pics

Additional Info

Version tested: 3.4 All Android versions Urbian

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Turn your Android camera into a retro snapper


the good

  • » Wonderful, moody camera effects
  • » Brilliant, intuitive UI
  • » Great choice of retro cameras

the bad

  • » Viewfinder a little on the small side
  • » Processing lab is fun to look at but slows things down
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Retro Camera Plus

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