The Story

ShakyTower requires nerves of steel, incredible hand-eye coordination and the stacking skills of a veteran supermarket shelf operative to win. It's pretty simple: you must stack your blocks to reach targets, roll them to hit other targets and drop them to reach some, err, other targets. It's all about the targets. Just like real life...

The Experience

ShakyTower gives you two gameplay options from the outset, you can either dive straight in with Quick Game, or dig in for the long haul with the Adventure mode. Quick Game gives you eight levels to play through, with six difficulty levels that range from 'Trivial' to 'Insane'. Challenges range from stacking your blocks to a certain level and keeping them from falling for a predetermined length of time to hitting checkpoints situated around the level. Once you've stacked a few blocks, you'll find that your device's accelerometer comes into play and that by tilting your 'droid left or right, you're able to influence the balance of the stack of blocks. For most games, balance skills are absolutely essential, since a number of them involve balancing a stack for a certain length of time. You'll find a spirit level at the top of the screen that helps you figure out where to move your device to keep the blocks balanced, which is handy but not exactly essential when you have a very visual indicator of how gravity is affecting your stack in the form of the stack itself... And when you're not balancing bricks, you'll be sliding or rolling them along different levels to hit checkpoints or to avoid poisoned blocks that'll kill your precious bricks and cause you to fail the level instantly. Things get tricky very quickly as you progress, so it's good to know that you can always 'cheat' by spending some of the coins you're awarded for completing challenges on in-game store items like next level unlock, higher bonuses and a more intricate spirit level to help your balance. You can even remove the in-game ads at the shop. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

ShakyTower's a brilliantly simple but hugely challenging game that makes great use of the accelerometer and has enough longevity to keep you coming back for more. And it's free of course. Which always helps.

Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.141 Requires Android 1.6 or higher And if that's whet your appetite, why not check out more app reviews here

User reviews

  • zhangg, 31st Jul 2011

    The Good

    innovative and addicting :)

    The Bad

    haven't found

    The Comments

    definitely in my top 3 😀

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Requires a keen eye and sublime balance


the good

  • » Neat use of accelerometer
  • » Good, simple fun
  • » Ingenious challenges

the bad

  • » Harder levels are insanely hard
  • » Ads are irritating, although the only appear in menus, not in gameplay.
User Rating

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