The Story

When was the last time you found your toe tapping to a song but you had no idea what it was? With Shazam on your phone, there's no need to puzzle. Just fire up the app, point your handset at the speaker, and then hit the big Shazam button. Within seconds, you'll know the name, the artist(s) and pretty much everything you need in order to find out more - or buy the track. This Encore version lets you 'tag' an unlimited number of tracks, while the ad-supported lite version allows just 5 tags per month.

The Experience

In ideal conditions, it really is as easy as that. In practice, noisy environments can confuse Shazam, and it does struggle more with quiet intro sections than big X-Factor style choruses. It also fares better with rock or pop than with, say, classical or jazz. Still, we shouldn't expect miracles, and most of the time Shazam works on the first attempt. Once you have tagged a track, you can then check the lyrics, watch associated YouTube videos, check for tour dates. If you have the requisite app installed, you can even download the song directly from Amazon. If your mojo is really working, then you can even share your hot discovery with friends using Facebook or Twitter. Simple and effective, the way technology should be. [Not a valid template]

The Bottom Line

A brilliant tool to have in your back pocket, and an essential app for music nuts.

Additional Info:

Version reviewed 2.5.1-BB70132 Requires Android 1.6 and above Free ad-supported version has 5-tags-per-month limit

User reviews

  • Uwe Viehmann, 14th Jan 2011

    The Comments

    I liked Shazam, I like the concept in general. But SoundHound is way better. The only good thing was Shazam’s recent announcement of that Spotify integration. The core business though, detecting songs, works far better with SoundHound. This is just what I experienced while heavy usage.

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Identify new music by letting your phone listen to it


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  • » Easy to use
  • » Mostly solid track-identification
  • » Strong links with online services

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Shazam Encore

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