History can be a funny thing – written by 'the winners', Simon Schama or David Starkey, we only have the flimsiest of evidence to support the ‘facts’ they all claim document the timeline of the Human Race. To that end, then, how do we know Vikings weren’t BBQ obsessed, Aztecs worshiped a pepper and the Chinese love of explosions went beyond fireworks? Precisely. Scene set, premise pushed: welcome to Swords and Soldiers…


The year is… well, actually that’s not strictly relevant, but what is relevant is the fact that rival Viking factions, armed with beserkers and very large axes, are coming to steal your meat and crush your dreams of building the greatest BBQ the world has ever seen. How do you respond? By getting buxom ladies to mine for gold so that you can employ and deploy your own army in defence, that’s how. Combining action and strategy, Swords and Soldiers is about balancing force with money with magic, aiding troops to stay alive with mana, striking enemies dead with lightning, mining gold to be able to afford all that and, of course, keeping the meatwave coming. Or, that said, you could equally find yourself leading the Aztecs in defence of the Holy Pepper (keep quiet, Shama!) or letting loose on opposing armies with the assistance of dart blowers and ninja monkeys over three Campaigns or in all-out, customisable Skirmish mode. [Not a valid template]


Nicely animated in vibrant cartoon effect, control comes via simple tap and drag, whilst gameplay is fast, smooth and highly inventive, Swords and Soldiers represents both hours of simple yet strategic 2D scrolling pick-up-and-play fun and also superb value for money. Unleash the ninja monkeys!

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Current version: 1.0.8 Requires Android 2.2 and up Download the Swords and Soldiers app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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History rewriting strat and slash app epic


the good

  • » Combines action and strategy
  • » Many levels and challenges
  • » Customisable Skirmish mode

the bad

  • » Crashes on some devices
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Swords and Soldiers

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