Off to attend the festival of football that is the EURO 2012 in Poland and Ukraine this June? Looking forward to a stupendous smorgasbord of soccer supremacy worth phoning home about? Stop right there, firm footie fan! Unless you’re packing Tango, there’s every chance those calls could be a massive own goal…


For reasons that owe more to corporate greed than any technological issues, making calls from abroad tends to cost amounts somewhere in the region of ‘extortionate’ due to inexcusably inflated international roaming charges. Worse still, As Ukraine is outside of the EU, charges will be even higher, leading to bills potentially running into £1000s! But that doesn’t mean you have to maintain radio silence with Blighty. Unless you’re staying in a squat miles from anywhere, there’s every chance your hotel or nearby Star Republic coffee parlour will have Wi-Fi. And if it has Wi-Fi and you have Tango, you’re good to go. A free app that can utilise 3G or Wi-Fi to let you make phone calls, send video messages and, yes, even make video calls for no-pence, Tango can access your contacts book directly and make calls quickly, simply and as cheaply as it’s possible without any need to faff around logging in – just sign up and phone free from foreign football felicity. It’s that simple. [Not a valid template]


Not only capable of rescuing you from a bill the size of a toucan’s while in ‘that foreign’, Tango can also save on your data plan at home too. A breeze to use, video call quality is superb, all of which makes Tango a must-have app whether playing at home or away.

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Current version: 1.6.23088 Requires Android 2.1 and up Download the Tango Video Calls app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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Phone for free from foreign fields


the good

  • » Free phone calls
  • » Free video calls
  • » Free video messages

the bad

  • » Call sound quality can become tinny
  • » Currently lacks text messaging
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Tango Video Calling

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