The Story

Tank Hero puts you in command of a lone tank pitted against an army of enemy armoured vehicles. You must use your wits and guile to avoid enemy fire while taking out multiple tanks. You can use the walls of each level's maze as a shield and, handily, your tank shells will bounce off them, but only once. So if you're fast enough, and judge the angle just right, you can almost literally get your tank to shoot round corners...

the experience

Tank Hero ticks all the right boxes in terms of playability. Once you've mastered the controls - swipe to move and tap to fire - you can hurtle around maps like you were in a go-kart rather than a monolithic killing machine. Getting the hang of shooting, dodging and retreating in one slick movement is considerably trickier, however, and as you progress through the levels, you'll find it's a skill you'll need to practice. Should you find Tank Hero's innovative control method too much of a trial, though, you can always switch to a more familiar configuration (dual d-pads, d-pad and tap, etc, etc) so don't waste too much time sweating over it. Different tanks present different problems. A blue tank isn't anything to get worked up about, but gold tanks react more quickly and red tanks can fire over walls, making despatching them considerably more difficult. And difficulty is perhaps the only issue with Tank Hero and that's more likely because our reflexes have gone the way of the arc over the years. Make no mistake, this is a fast 'n' furious action game that barely leaves you time to take a breath before the next onslaught is on top of you. But for that, it's a great game. We at Life of Android are busy guys, so our gaming is often a case of grabbing a quick 20-30 minutes on a tube or train journey, and Tank Hero is perfectly suited to a quick blast rather than an involving, half-day marathon. In our not-so-humble opinion, that's what mobile games are all about, and when they look and play as good as this one, we tend to suggest you download them forthwith. Tanks? Don't mention it. [Not a valid template]

The bottom line

It's action all the way. A cracking way to rid yourself of half an hour here and there. Tank Hero gets a thumbs up from us

Additional Info

Version reviewed 1.11 More Android action games

User reviews

  • Otaniiba, 21st Feb 2011

    The Good

    it is fun

    The Comments

    the green tank should be able to have a matching counter firepower when the game introduces the red tanks…it makes it no fun for the green tank to not be able to face the red tank that can shoot over and through the walls

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Tank-to-tank combat meets tricky maze-like levels.


the good

  • » Superb graphics
  • » Clever controls
  • » Hugely addictive

the bad

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Tank Hero

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