The runaway success of 2011 is back on its toes for a second helping of demon monkey dodging as – what we’re calling – the fleequel to Temple Run hits the ground running...


There’s an excellent chance you’ve never played Temple Run or, indeed, even heard of the app with more legs than an over-endowed millipede. An excellent chance, that is, if you live in a self-imposed state of hermitage in a cave somewhere completely cut off from the modern world, all technology and traces of civilisation; like Wales. But as that would mean you’d be unable to read this now, I think I’m safe to assume everyone here now has screamed at their screen countless times as you’ve failed to make a turn, slide or jump and had Satanic semi-evolved simian slaughter brought down on you in a flurry of ape-effluence. Good, so we know the basics. So what’s new? Well, mercifully, not much. Okay, there are sharper, more detailed graphics and even lusher environments, a whole array of new obstacles to time right and tackle with the relevant swipe or tilt of the screen, all new achievements to attempt once you get into the fleeing flow of things, and – as Imangi proudly promote – a bigger demon monkey! All good then. Gameplay is as before, requiring you to tilt your device and swipe a finger in varying directions to avoid objects and falling foul of the baboon of death, but then if it ain’t broke. All of which amounts to, well, chimply enough, Temple Run 2... [Not a valid template]


Just like being served an extra slice of demon monkey flavoured cake for free, with Temple Run 2 Imangi has avoided the perils and pitfalls of sequelitis and delivered what I wanted and what, I suspect, the other 170 million who downloaded the addictive original wanted: just more of the same. Now run, you fools!

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Current version: 1.0 Requires Android 2.1 and up Download the Temple Run 2 app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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Don't idle with the idol - more demonic monkey madness awaits!


the good

  • » Utterly additive
  • » All action
  • » More of the same

the bad

  • » Tilt and swipe sensitivity need tweaking
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Temple Run 2

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