Holy bane of Bruce Wayne! After eight years in exile the Bat is back and set to take a battering as he tackles Tom Hardy’s brutal Bane. Breaking box office records at cinemas everywhere now, the official app launched on Friday and we’ve been busy cleaning up the streets of Gotham ever since. Ker-pow!


We’ve been blessed this year when it comes to smartphone superhero action – last month we had The Amazing Spider-Man giving us a swinging time and now, launched the same day as what is probably the most anticipated movie in recent memory hit screens nationwide, The Dark Knight Rises arose on Android; and the mobile gaming bar was raised. Set inside a totally immersive, total-access, 3D Gotham City, this is an app that truly pulls no punches. Assembling all the main characters from the film and calling upon Batman’s entire arsenal of tricks and tools, from the Batarang to the Grapnel, along with his fleet of custom-job ‘cars’, you are old Bat-breeches and it’s your task to get to the (shapely) bottom of the mysterious Selina Kyle, defeat remorselessly relentless bruiser Bane and save the City from descending into chaos. Using an intuitive interface to flap through all manner of action from special-movie-move-tastic punch-ups to Bat-pod piloting and gadget grappling, set against incredibly atmospheric gameplay and a dark and detailed backdrop, whether you stick to the storyline or go off-piste to complete additional missions, this is pure, glorious gaming action that will suck you in and make you believe you really are The Knight! [Not a valid template]


In short: it's a triumph. Despite reports of compatibility issues with some devices, there’s very little else to fault with Gameloft’s latest and greatest. A little laggy between cut-scenes, perhaps, but other than that The Dark Knight does indeed Rise… and is likely to rapidly continue to do so right to the top of the action-app chart.

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Current version: 1.0.6 Requires Android 2.2 and up Download the Dark Knight Rises app from Google Play Check out more app reviews here

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The Dark Knight Rises as does a new era in app-action...


the good

  • » Excellent action adventure
  • » Atmospheric graphics and gameplay
  • » Totally immersive

the bad

  • » Huge app size
  • » Suffers lag between cut scenes
  • » Seems to fail on a few devices
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The Dark Knight Rises

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