The Lorax is a creature with a heart of gold who gets involved in a battle to save Truffula Forest and all who live there from being destroyed by a nasty factory owner. Does the Lorax win?


With beautifully designed graphics and a very characteristically Dr Seuss look and feel, the Lorax is a story that’ll have some children  - and adults - chuckling with delight. Others, it has to be said, simply won’t get it at all. That’s Dr Seuss for you. There are three ways to view this vividly illustrated ebook. You can choose ‘read it myself’ in which case you swipe and sweep when you’ve read what’s on screen to move on to a new page, and tap at items to have them named. Alternatively, choosing ‘read to me’ not surprisingly results in the text being read out to you, in an American  voice, and you still have the sweep and swipe options and the ability to tap the screen for definitions. Words are highlighted as they are read, which is apparently designed to help children follow the words and pick up reading skills. How much use they’ll have in the real world for things like miff-muffered moof, though, we’ll leave you to ponder. If all this seems like too much bother, then the auto play option runs through the pages with no intervention necessary from you. The graphics are quintessentially Dr Seuss, and look like they’re taken straight from the book. Ditto the language, and the made up stuff is one reason some people don’t like Dr Seuss at all. We think it’s lovely, though. And does the Lorax succeed in that quest to save the forest? We wouldn’t date to say. We’re not into spoilers! [Not a valid template]


You might not have heard of the Lorax – it isn’t one of the best known Dr Seuss stories. But if you’re a fan of other Dr Seuss classics, there’s no reason at all why you won’t also be a fan of The Lorax. And at just 62p there’s really no reason not to give it a go.

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A Dr Seuss classic with an eco theme


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  • » Plenty of reading options
  • » Classic Dr Seuss
  • » Works well on larger screens

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The Lorax - Dr. Seuss

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