The Story

If Albert Einstein had lived to see the Android age, it's unlikely even he would have survived the full rigours of The Moron Test. Such is the slight of hand and quick-wittedness required to conquer this seemingly elementary app, we've wasted many a precious office hour trying to beat the 'fail snail' and prove ourselves to be clever for once and for all. After all, our parents said we had the smarts and they'd never lie, right?

The Experience

In a lot of respects The Moron Test feels like the perfect smartphone app, the visual quiz concept is so easy to grasp that there are absolutely no barriers to getting in on the fun. While simplistic, its cartoon design is full of charming touches which keep you onside even when the questions themselves may be testing your patience. Most importantly, the app has a great, universal sense of humour guaranteed to strip away the bravado of challengers both young and old. In theory every question asked is simple. Most of them are instructions in the vein of 'press the green button'. When that question is posed in bright blue text with 'green' written in a font half the size of the rest of the sentence however, it all becomes very, very confusing. The beauty of the app is this simplicity, with the answers staring you right in the face, you only have yourself to blame for any inevitable failures. The Moron Test has five sections, all of them run along the same lines but each is distinct enough to avoid dulling the experience with unnecessary and unwanted repetition. The innovation ploughed into a simple set of stop motion animations is actually fairly astounding. When an app has you chuckling at a turtle dashing to get back on the bus, as well as furiously tapping the touchscreen to help him on his way, you know its developers have found a formula that works brilliantly. If we were being greedy, we'd ask for more levels from this 67p app. Some physics puzzles would also go down well but for now DistinctDev should bask in the warm glow of a job well done. That and the pleasure of making a huge amount of Android owners out to be an utter nincompoops. [Not a valid template] Android apps like this don't come round too often. Eminently affordable and staunchly entertaining, The Moron Test is a keeper. Download it now!

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Version reviewed 3.01 Requires Android 1.6 or higher Download The Moron Test from Android Market Check out more app reviews here

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  • Ademar Junior, 17th Sep 2011

    The Good

    Nothing yet!

    The Bad

    No support att all!

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    I didn´t have the chance to try The Moron Test since it didn´t work in my Atrix. After the first page is loaded, it doesn´t matter which section button you click on, the app closes. I tried getting support from their web page, but there is just a “contact” button, which I used. Nonetheless, now being more than 2 weeks since I asked for help, I got no answer. And, unfortunately, I hade paid for the app.

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Deceptively fiendish puzzle game for Android smartphones


the good

  • » Genuinely funny animations
  • » Innovative puzzles
  • » Fun for all ages

the bad

  • » We want more please
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The Moron Test

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